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 “An attentive mind makes an intelligent body; a dull mind, a dull body.”  

             Vanda Scaravelli


        “Elongation and extension can only occur when the pulling and the pushing    

           stop.” Vanda Scaravelli



It is preferable to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Wait at least four hours after a main meal (particularly if you have eaten meat) or one hour after a light, vegetarian snack.

Wear loose clothing that won’t inhibit breathing or circulation. Yoga is practiced with bare feet whenever possible.

Avoid wearing heavy perfume or aftershave, or heavy jewelry.

Always breathe in and out through the nose in a relaxed fashion. Slow and steady exhalations help you release tension and go deeper into the postures. Be careful not to hold your breath during the postures, which will create tension. Try to keep your eyes, ears, tongue, throat and abdomen relaxed at all times.

Do not practice yoga if you feel extremely tired or breathless, or after a long bout of sunbathing.

Never force your body. Stretch towards your “edge” - your threshold of comfort - and gently work past that threshold in harmony with your breath, but always avoid any sharp or persistent pain.

Inverted postures and twists must be avoided during menstruation. Be sure to let your teacher know if this is the case at the beginning of the class.

There is no competition. Everyone’s body is different. Do not pursue the postures in a competitive spirit but rather for the joy of movement and self-discovery.


"Yoga is an effortless dance with breath and gravity.”  Vanda Scaravelli 

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