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"I love Faye's yoga! It is completely different to all the other yoga classes I do and that is what I like about it! This yoga seems gentle when you first start because it breaks all the ideas you have probably learnt in other classes- pushing, stretching, striving for a pose- and at first I found Faye's descriptions of what we were aiming for bizarre and incomprehensible! But Faye's voice is very gentle and the way she teaches is fun and open and so I continued- I have now been doing a weekly class with Faye for a year I think- and as time passed and I started to listen to my body and take it slowly I did begin to totally get where Faye's yoga is coming from. Faye does 'know her stuff' - I like a challenge- and with Faye I have achieved headstands - which I never ever thought I would do - and other poses which are also pretty complex. I'm working towards that ´wheel' pose at the moment and I have no doubt that with Faye's careful guidance I will one day get there. I recommend Faye's classes wholeheartedly - even for experienced yogis who might like to approach it from a different angle to all the power and Iyengar yoga out there."

Mel, Opio


"Faye is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is sensitive to the needs of her pupils and approaches her yoga practice and teaching with humility, softness and a sense of grounding. Her classes illuminate, are interspersed with laughter, stretch the mind, body and spirit and work within the limits of each student. Most importantly for me she teaches you to understand the process of the yoga poses, bringing you to an awareness of the inner workings of your body. In this sense the yoga she has brought to me is about the journey, not the end result . Above all she has inspired me to continue a daily practice at home and this must be the ultimate accolade for any teacher. Of the yoga teachers I have tried down here Faye is my favourite and I invite you to give her a try."

Shona, Antibes


"J'ai commencé à pratiquer le yoga avec Faye il y a environ 1 an. J'aime beaucoup ses cours; elle prend le tamps d'expliquer et chacun fait à son rythme. Il n'y a pas de pression, juste de la bienveillance. En 1 an, j'ai augmenté ma souplesse. Le petit plus à la fin du cours, la méditation, un vrai bonheur."

Pascale, Roquefort


"Agés respectivement de 69 et 81, nous pratiquons le yoga avec Faye depuis 2ans, 1 fois par semaine. Cela nous permet de conclure: Avec Faye le yoga amène énergie, confiance et sérénité. Avec son professionnalisme et son énergie positive elle nous apprend, à chacun à son rythme, à nous surpasser sans douleur et commencer la journée en souriant."

Hubert et Anne-Marie, Roquefort


"Providing consistently great classes the warm, friendly and adorable Faye is an experienced, knowledgeable and natural teacher. Her Scaravelli style of yoga (Iyengar based) is kind and gentle to the body although my body works harder than ever in class because Faye places the importance on ‘the journey’ or the practice itself and not the finished asana.

With her soothing, meditative voice the 1 hour 15 minute class literally flies by as she guides you through a series of exploratory yogic movements and positions offering alternatives depending on an individuals capabilities. Placing emphasis on us to ‘listen to our bodies’ and not to ‘force or push them’ we are encouraged to play and form shapes, thus releasing tension in our tight muscles, encouraging them to ‘let go’ creating a stronger, more agile and balanced body.

Faye also adds meditation and various breathing practices to her classes which all contribute to a deep sense of well being. Having practiced various styles of yoga over the years, for me Faye’s Scaravelli Yoga has certainly helped to increase my core strength, regain and maintain flexibility plus teaching me calmness of mind. If you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend trying a Scaravelli styled Yoga class with Faye or even one of her workshops."

Emma, Mandelieu


"Over the last few years as I've developed my practice I've enjoyed many benefits; physical strength and flexibility, less illness and more focus and peace of mind. And Faye's style of teaching has been central to that; meaning that whatever level you are you do what you can and feel that you're learning. I've had many teachers over the years and Faye is by far my favourite."

Lisa, Valbonne


"I adore my yoga sessions with Faye! For one hour a week I can forget about my crazy life and focus on my health and well-being. Her peaceful voice, her passion for yoga and her spiritual approach are just what I need on a Monday morning to prepare me for the week ahead."

Jess, Roquefort les Pins


"Doing yoga with Faye for me has literally been life changing. We were in the middle of a stressful build on our house and taking time out a couple of times a week to just relax and dedicate some time to myself helped me get through it. It doesn’t matter whether you are fit, fat or fifty, everyone gets something out of Faye’s wonderful classes. I couldn’t do without them."

Claire, Le Rouret


"I tried different types of yoga quite a few times, in different languages and in different countries, but I couldn't find the right one for me. I must admit I was skeptical about its benefits until I met Faye. Now I think yoga is amazing and has changed my life in many ways. I found joy and peace with Faye in her classes. My posture is so much better, my body is stronger and I can do things I never thought I would be able to do. I highly recommend practicing yoga."

Eli, Roquefort les Pins


"I have been following Yoga lessons with Faye for over a year now and absolutely love it! Faye has a kind,gentle but also effective approach to yoga that is very inspiring. Due to this approach I also practice at home (miracle of sorts), so all in all, these lessons have actually had a very positive influence on my life ".

Ingrid, Grasse


"I started last year as a complete beginner, it's a fun class with laughter as well as stretching and Faye is a very good teacher, never forcing you to do anything your body cannot do. I feel so much better for it and highly recommend yoga to everyone. We have some excellent teachers in Antibes and Faye is one of them."

Rachael, Antibes


"I have done yoga with Faye for a few years now and cannot be without it. Faye is a fantastic teacher with a capacity of explaining to you all those little details that make the whole difference. Until I met her I never got hooked on yoga as I thought it lacked precision of movement. Physically it's quite demanding but she is always close to smile and when you do the relaxation at the end you feel your whole body and mind alive. I highly recommend her!"

Marika, Pilates instructor


"My wife and I have been enjoying lessons with Faye Villalba since Summer 2009, she brings a bubbly enthusiasm to her classes and is sympathetic to the individual abilities of her students, sensing just how far to push you while her (sometimes literal) "hands-on" approach means that you learn to practice yoga in a correct and safe way."

Mark, Roquefort les Pins




  Telephone: 06 85 25 80 61




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