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Faye Villalba - Yoga on the Côte d'Azur

Telephone: 06 85 25 80 61





Warm, friendly, inspiring yoga classes for men and women

of all levels (including beginners)

Whether you're looking to start yoga, deepen your practice or keep up whilst on holiday, why not come along to one of my yoga classes? Groups are small (6 to 12 maximum) allowing me to work closely with each student to ensure a thorough understanding of the postures. Classes are in English and French.


Inspired by the philosophy and work of Vanda Scaravelli, the style of yoga I practise and teach brings core strength, suppleness and balance, together with an awareness of the natural principles of gravity and breath.


As we listen to the body and mind, working with them instead of against them, we can achieve dramatic results. As Scaravelli reminded us: “be kind to your body; it will respond in an incredible way.”