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Private Classes

Private classes, in English or in French, at your home.


60 Euros per session, irrespective of number of students


Please note additional charges applicable for home visits outside a 15 km radius of Bar sur Loup:


10 Euros between 15 and 30 km

20 Euros between 30 and 60 km

10 Euros for every 15 km thereafter

Group Classes


For new students, the first class is 17 Euros with no commitment to continue.


Thereafter, if you commit to a term (usually 6 or 7 weeks), the term is payable in advance at 17 Euros per class.


Once you’ve committed to a term, if you then have to miss a class for any reason, I’ll always do my best to fit you in to another class before the end of the term in question. Catch-up classes cannot be taken during the school holiday period, nor can they be carried over into the following term.


If you’re unable to commit to a whole term in advance, the drop-in price is 20 Euros per class, subject to availability.


Monday: 8.45am Roquefort les Pins

Monday: 6.45pm Valbonne

Wednesday: 9am Roquefort les Pins

Thursday: 6.45pm Valbonne

Friday: 9am Roquefort les Pins

Friday: 2.30pm Valbonne

Saturday: Workshops